H.E. Dr. CHHUN Vannak

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Director’s Message

H.E. Dr. CHHUN Vannak

Welcome to the ASEAN STUDY CENTER (The ASC) at the University of Cambodia! We are at your services all the times and in all circumstances. We, the ASC, together with all the institutions of the UC, are to meet your needs, market demands and requirements of the fast-changing world through our research, dynamic public-private partnership for the World Green Civilization, creativity, green initiatives and innovations, capacity building programs, research trainings, seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences, symposiums, summits, national-regional-global networking, our internationalized relations and diplomacy, our development partners, our inter-institutional collaboration and coordination.

The ASC center promotes our multi-disciplinary publications and projects in the areas of sustainable development, sustainable consumption and production (SCP), inclusive green growth, effective environmental governance, corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER), environmental impacts assessment (EIAs), Regulatory Impacts Assessment (RIA) and inclusive green Gross Domestic Products (Green GDP) related to the regions of ASEAN, South Asia, East Asia, Northeast Asia, Asia Pacific and Asia as a continent. Through our constant research, development, our think-tank, the Board of Advisors, the exchange of the best practices, new green initiatives and our continuing friendly cooperation in all strata of life, the ASC contributes to building an Excellent Leader of Tomorrow as highlighted in the vision of the university. We, together, enhance the sound deep integration of Cambodia into the ASEAN community, as well as the balanced coherent integration of the ASEAN Political-Security, ASEAN Economic Community and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community for our common green civilization, sustainable green economic growth, the end of hunger, poverty eradication and harmonious development and prosperity as a Single Community for the same destiny.



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